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Johannes Hustedt – flute | Chai Min Werner – alphorn
& ...

A spark immediately ignites when the flutist Johannes Hustedt, a guest at renowned music festivals on all continents, and his wife, Chai Min Werner, who found her way to professional alphorn-playing via unconventional paths, combine with other outstanding musitions to form Trio Aperto.

Audiences and concert organisers are immediately thrilled by the wonderful sound of this unique trio. The members of the Trio Aperto have been true shooting stars ever since: they have received numerous invitations to concert series and festivals in Germany and abroad, including, for example, performances at the 10th anniversary of the ADAMS International Flute Festival in the Netherlands. In addition, the Trio Aperto initiates projects in music mediation for all ages, as well as seminars for the development of the personality. New works for the Trio have already been created in cooperation with international composers including David Babcock, Pascal Jugy, Siegmund Schmidt and Hans-Jürg Sommer.

It is a delight to hear and see the Trio Aperto in its different formations - the way they carry off listeners into the world of great Western music, where rediscoveries of precious musical rarities and agreeable Alpine sounds meet at a crossroads. Let yourself be enchanted by the Trio Aperto as well!

"It will immediately become apparent to the listener that the alphorn possesses more depth than anything he/she may have so far heard on any Alpine meadow. This is especially due to the fact that Chai Min Werner is able to coax a rich, full-mouthed sound from it." Mittelbadische Presse

"Johannes Hustedt on the transverse flute proved himself a master of refined, subtly nuanced tones. The improvisation in which all three musicians provided evidence of their top-notch qualities brought forth the pronounced enthusiasm of the audience." Acher-Rench-Zeitung

"The music of the Trio, which is rather rarely heard in such a combination, was profoundly moving. If one usually associates the sound of the alphorn with high-mountain idylls and folklore in the alpenglow, the sustained melodies of this music opened one's senses whilst expanding one's horizon." Badisches Tagblatt

"The deep, full tone of the alphorn - made of coniferous wood over three metres long - and the lightly airy, bright runs on the flute, resulted in a unique contrast. A moving evening." Pforzheimer Zeitung

"Unusual: in the wonderful combination of alphorn with flute and harp, but also as soloists, the musicians enchanted their guests, who were not stingy with their applause." Verdener Aller-Zeitung

Johannes Hustedt – flute 
Chai Min Werner – alphorn
Andreas Hiller – 10 string guitar

"Unerhörtes von Mozart bis jetzt"

Selten zu hörende Raritäten von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Siegmund Schmidt und Hans-Jürg Sommer bis hin zu raffiniert feinsinnigen Walzern und Tangos des französischen Komponisten Pascal Jugy.

Johannes Hustedt – flute
Chai Min Werner – alphorn
Diethard Stephan Haupt – organ & piano

„Klassik trifft ferne Welten – Die Welt in Klängen“

Werke u. a. von W. A. Mozart, G. Rossini, F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy, E. Grieg, B. Bartók, alpenländische Musik sowie Klänge aus den Weltkulturen

Mit Organist, Pianist und Dirigent Diethard Stephan Haupt werden Flötist Johannes Hustedt und Alphornistin Chai Min Werner die Grenzen zwischen Klassik und Musikstilen fremder Kulturen, Zeiten und Kontinenten erkunden, erweitern und überschreiten. Eine Entdeckungsreise, die besonders die klassischen Werke in neuem Licht erscheinen lässt.

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