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The flutist Johannes Hustedt studied in Bremen and Karlsruhe. He is engaged in cross-cultural musical encounters and travels between the two worlds of improvisation and interpretation, giving numerous concerts all over the world. Premiere recordings, radio and television productions and concerts at top-class festivals have gained him a wide reputation both as a distinguished soloist and chamber musician. His CD releases with Koch International, RBM, ebs records, Animato/Harmonia Mundi, SwissPan, Guild-Music London/Zürich as well as Sargasso, London have met with overwhelming public acclaim. The practice of the music of Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, as well as Early Music, have enriched his artistic expression. Johannes Hustedt teaches at the University of Music in Karlsruhe and is a much sought-after guest lecturer. "For me, music is essentially openness towards audiences, fellow musicians and composers - but also openness towards untrodden paths, artistic development, and personal growth."
Chai Min Werner, discovered the alphorn already during her childhood, hearing how it suffused the Swiss mountains with its sound. At first, she played traditional music under the aegis of the Swiss alphornist and composer Theo Mutti. This sound led her from tradition to improvisation and classical music. Since 2011 she has been playing in classical ensembles with flute, harp, guitar, piano, organ, the Trio Avance and as a soloist with orchestra. She was a guest at the International Bach Academy of Stuttgart, the Hohenlohe Cultural Summer, the chamber concerts of the Baden-Baden Philharmonie and at DAS FEST in Karlsruhe. Concert tours have taken her to Switzerland,  the Netherlands, to Austria and Georgia. International composers such as Hans-Jürg Sommer, Siegmund Schmidt and Pascal Jugy have written new works especially for her. Since 2015, Chai Min Werner has been exploring the sonic possibilities of the Tamtam Gong by performing as a soloist as well as teaching and leading gong seminars."The sound that cannot be stopped, that touches the emotions on all levels, connecting everything - allowing the musician, public and the creation to become one - that is what inspires me in music."
Andreas Hiller, 10string guitar, graduated from Trossingen and Bern with a soloist’s diploma. After graduation he expanded his repertoire by excursions into jazz, live electronic, the music of the eastern hemisphere and the music of Latin America. Today he works both, as an adaptioner and arranger, moreover, he gives specialized lectures and offers workshops. From 1990 on, he has played the 10-string guitar with four strings in addition. Being one of the few who seriously explore the musical potential of this instrument, Andreas is in touch with composers all around the world to enlarge the repertoire for it. With Trio Aperto the 10-string guitar serves as an ideal sound base with a gamut getting close to the range of a cello. "Of all arts, music touches me most deeply, bestowing wings on me and carrying me into new dimensions."
Diethard Stephan Haupt, organ/piano, studied from 1981-1985 church music in Eisenach. From 1990 to 1995 he compleated his studies of conducting at the academy of music „Franz Liszt“ in Weimar. His first occupation leaded him als repetitor with conductor's obligation and assistent of choir conducting at the Theater Erfurt from 1995 to 2001 as from 2001 to 2008 as conductor and director of studies on the Landestheater Eisenach. 2008 until sommer 2015 he worked in same possition at the Stadttheater Pforzheim. Several performances with over 30 various plays he conducted in all these years. Since september 2015 Diethard Stephan Haupt is active as church musician at the catholic church St. Franziskus in Pforzheim. In September 2016 he was voted as Dekanatschorleiter. "Music can express everything: from happynes to pain. It's a language that is unmistakable for everyone."
The harpist Stephanie Wunsch born in Lahr in the Black Forest, was immediately captivated by the harp when she first heard it played in concert at the age of seven. After a year as a preparatory student at the Music Academy in Stuttgart, she began studies at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe. Following her completion of the master's programme in harp with Prof. Maria Stange with honours, she was accepted into the soloists' class. Her education was supplemented by international master courses and a large number of orchestral and chamber music projects, as well as completion of the master's programme in music pedagogy. Alongside her international concert activities, she is active as a teacher of harp and music mediator in Karlsruhe and vicinity. "Through my instrument, I try to share my enthusiasm for the music with other people." 
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